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I did an ancestry test and here is what I found

Some months ago I decided I was finally going to order myself one of those DNA kits I have been wanting, just for fun. It was on sale and I researched (by that, I mean one google search😄) to see what is the best company when it comes to privacy and storing of information, and I landed on FamilyTreeDNA. I am no (conspiracy) theorist who thinks they will use my tiny bit of saliva for anything sinister, but still, you never know. Although if they want to clone me or something, that would actually be very practical!

I have always been curious in anthropology, culture and history. I believe people are people no matter where we live or come from, all sharing the same basics in heart and mind, but these relative things can be quite interesting, too! There is so much to learn, and it’s fun to see the connection in cultures, languages and lifestyles.

I received my package, filled out the little form and swabbed my cheeks, one on each side. Next day, I shipped it off to overseas and waited for my results (which took some weeks).

Now, before getting them, I was pretty sure it would say mostly Scandi and some Asian (since the sámi peoples origins come from the East long ago). Perhaps some percentage viking too would be cool, like 25% shieldmaiden, lol..🙌 I was a bit surprised to find that my origins is mostly (69%) Finnish/from Finnoscandia, or more correctly Kven. (All results in pictures on the bottom).

The Kven are an ethnic minority group of people who emigrated from Sweden and Finland to the north of Norway, mostly to Finnmark. I know this after speaking with my mum, learning things which I never knew. A friend of mine also informed me that “finnish” or “Finland” in the DNA results also means “sámi”. So I cannot know exaclty what is sámi and what is finnish, but after reading and watching YouTube videos on the subject, I have come to learn that there seems to be one common trace of ancestry, called uralic.

I have never learned any sámi language, like most other sámis in my generation. (It is estimated only 15% of sámis speak one of the sámi languages, but luckily it is being revived). And obviously never any kven either, although it would be cool to at least hear it being spoken, which I don’t believe I ever have.🙂

Learning all this, I instantly felt more inclined to buy more Moomin stuff, which I believe now is my cultural heritage 😅

Ancient origins map