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Januar er favorittmåneden. Dagene blir fort lysere, og sola “kommer tilbake”. Alt ser friskt og nytt ut når det er så mye snø, og selv om det er veldig kaldt, fins det varme rundt meg. I folks hjem, i bilen, fra stearinlys, i musikk, fra dyr,  i relasjoner, under dyna. Ja, også har jeg bursdag i januar. Det er alltid stas 🙂

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I am definitely not gonna write a “new year, new me” post, because I am really not trying to improve myself. If anything, I am trying to dissolve what is left of “me”-identity 😀 I am not going to say “2018 will be the best year” either because the last two times I did that, the year proved to be the absolute worst/hardest, haha. Not gonna jinx it this time!

The new year has started off with a very bad flu + migraines + something called laryngitis (constant couching and loss of voice). Luckily, people rarely call me, so good old texting is in order! I hope I get better fast, tho, because I have some couchsurfing hosting to attend to, and also there is the TIFF (Tromsø International Film Festival) coming up. Plus some concerts…and parties…ah, how will I find the energy to do all this 🙂

I do, however, want to say that I wish the new year will be even more creative and that I will find more motivation for my art. Doubt and low energy has been big for me these last months and it has affected me a lot. I also wish that I will develop and find meaningful connections and adventures this year. I don’t believe it is good for anyone to be too much alone or isolated, even if you have chronic illness or social anxiety or whatever reason. I have been in a place where being around people have been *impossible*. So I am so grateful that is not the case anymore, and lately Couchsurfing has been kind of a lifesaver in that regard. I don’t have a job or go to school, so meeting new people this way is really nice. I still love my own space, but balance is always key 🙂

Last year, in January, I started a crowdfunding for a medical treatment (rehabilitation) in the Dead Sea, next to Jordan and Israel.. I have not received enough funds to go there yet, but if I do within the next 8 months, it is very possible I will go. Other than that, the year is pretty much open to whatever happens. Not gonna plan too much.

Happy new year, folks 🙂

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“Dunes/texture” 18 x 24 cm, acrylic on canvas board. Trying out different stroke techniques; I think this one made it look very alive and “flowy” 🙂

Oh, and here’s an amazing song by an incredible woman you don’t want to miss!

Wishing everyone a happy new year! My new year has started off with lyrangitis (constant couching and loss of voice), and what seems to be a chronic headache. According to the good old internet, I’ll be fine within a fortnight, and that the cause of this might be “loud singing” or “too much alcohol”…well, I did have a fun Christmas, but how can one have too much fun?

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Wishing every one of you a peaceful and humble end of 2017. May the new year be a year where we share more kindness, empathy and practice compassion for each other. -Wow, that sounded like a cliché. But I mean it 🙂

Today is vintersolverv, the shortest day of the year – the sun “turns” and it’s only one month left of the polar night.

For me, 2017 has been a year with so many ups and downs, I don’t even know where to start. But it has also been filled with much love, romance, friendship, good memories, creativity and I have learned a lot about what I want for myself – but not in a selfish way. I have just come more in touch with my own wishes for my life, and where I want to go from here.

What are your best memories from this year? 🙂

Vintersolverv outfit 🙂


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Årets julekjole ble en kjapp re-design av en litt for stor nattkjole. Fant denne veldig lette og fint forklarte tutorialen på YouTube. Blir nok å lage mange flere slike off-shoulder-kjoler, de er jo så fine! Om du ønsker en selv, er det bare å sende en bestilling på kontaktsiden! 🙂

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Relationships are the best ships

I’ve always valued close human interactions. As a kid – before I got social anxiety, hah – I was pretty much hanging out with friends every day. Playing outside a lot, having sleepovers, going to cinema, doing shenanigans around the neighborhood.. Kid stuff, you know 🙂 I have been very lucky in that sense, always having friends and someone to turn to if needed. And I have always enjoyed being a friend: someone you can rely on and someone who listens. Being a friend feels meaningful. And if we can share silence too, even better!

As I have grown older, some friendships have either ended or we just don’t have much contact anymore. But when we do meet, it is as if we never parted. These kinds of friendships are very special, I think. Time can pass and your lives are hectic, and different paths have been chosen, but still the bond of friendship is there. Also, having long distance friendships allows you to send postcards – I love sending postcards!

Now that I am not a kid anymore – alas!, finding new friends have been kind of hard. Like, how do you find new friends as an adult? You can’t just ask like you could when you were 7. And the period of my life when I was bedridden did not exactly make it better. Being 21-22 and bedridden was like really, really wanting to go to a party, but not being allowed to. That feeling. Luckily, I feel better in my health and have been forcing myself to be more social the last year or so. Kind of catching up for the “time lost”. Because I do love being around people, it just takes a lot of energy sometimes. I have 3-4 people in my life now that I value so much, I don’t even have words for it. Some of these relationships are romantic also, some are pure friendships. I guess they are whatever feels right and natural. One of them is long distance romance, and even though this is hard sometimes (missing each other and not being able to visit often) – it feels worth it. He feels worth it. Another is a deep connection of love, friendship, spiritual companionship and almost a decade of time spent together, and sometimes apart. And one of them is such a fun and adventurous friendship, it’s never a dull moment.

Whether the relationships are platonic, romantic or whatever, I value all of them equally.

Photo by Irina Bileanschi – may 2016

The last year has also been a journey for me finding out I am polyamorous. It was like finding out I am bisexual – which I did many years ago. Lots of failing/learning, back and forth and some hurt feelings for me to find this out, but now I feel like I can be myself 100% and that is pretty much one of the best feelings in the world.

Friendship and romance are not ranks, tiers, or levels. They are not above or below each other. Romance is not a promotion. Friendship is not a demotion. Romance is not “more than” being friends with someone. Friendship and romance are concepts that exist on equal terms, side by side. Sometimes they happen to coincide. Other times they never intersect at all. How relationships are classified is only up to the individuals involved but neither is inherently more or less valuable than the other.” – Unknown


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Tantric yoga and chronic illness

I got a question in my comment section if I could write a little bit about what effect tantric yoga has had on my health, and this made my head spin with ideas about what I should write because I think I have something to share and I am always happy to talk about my yogic and dharmic practice, it being a big part of my life. I wrote a post earlier this year about my health/illness, but I will just mention again what kind of health struggles I have to make a context.

So, in 2010 I came down with a serious viral infection (mononucleosis caused by Epstein-Barr virus) which left me very ill. I have had some health issues almost all my life (IBS, migraine, eczema), but this was a big blow to my immune system and gave me lots of symptoms: brain fog, muscles pain, headaches, worsening of IBS (more stomach problems), sleep problems, weight loss, hair loss, extreme fatigue, vision problems, terrible memory, numbness in certain areas of my body, dizziness, mood swings, adrenal exhaustion, thyroid imbalance, dry itchy skin, cold extremities….the list goes on, but lets just leave it at that 🙂 Losing my energy and health also made me lose most of my social life/relationships and this of course made me very isolated. So no doubt it affected my mental health/mood as well.


In 2011 I started doing physical yoga, more specifically hatha yoga. I signed up for a course in town and I remember feeling really good afterwards! It was like I found back to an old activity I had done many times before. I loved the asanas (poses/movements) and the pranayama (breathing exercises), and I came in touch with my body for the first time in….well, forever. What is also so great about physical yoga is that you work with the body and not pushing it too much like you would pumping iron in the gym. I adopted the exercises to my daily routine, even if I was bedbound I could do something simple like yoga nidra (systematically going through and relaxing the body in your mind) or just moving hands or feet to make the blood flow.

I did hatha yoga on and off for many years, until I stumbled upon awakening and tantric yoga in January  2016. It was quite different from the yoga I had been doing so far; mostly focusing on the body and not so much the mind. As I understand tantric yoga in my own experience, you work with mantras and vizualisations to transform the dualistic mind. You ‘invite’ energy  into your body, mind and aura through specific practices so that karmic imprints, patterns and subconscious mindstates can be processed and thus cleared. This sounds strange at first, at least I thought so. But still, there was no doubt that it worked, and still does, as I do the practice every day.


After I started doing tantric yoga, the illness has been easier to handle; it’s like I see it from a very different perspective because doing these kinds of energetic practices transforms a lot of my feelings around the illness, but also deeper stuff. And as the lid of fear and feelings about being ill slowly has been lifted, the illness itself is easier to address. It is also my belief that chronic illness is not necessarily forever. “Chronic” means “long term”, and I don’t think or hope I will have these health issues for the rest of my life. I also think that the practices has a direct impact on transforming how the illness acts in the body, as I have felt lighter and not as fatigued after starting tantric practice.

When it comes to long term illness and dharmic/yogic practice, I’m going to very cliché and say that balance is key. If you feel too sick some days to practice for 2 hours then maybe 15 minutes is enough. But I feel it is very important to do at least a little bit every day, not lose practice completely (which I have in some periods) and to always keep in mind why you are doing it. I often think about my own motives for doing anything, perhaps sometimes also overthinking it, but I feel when it comes to this, it is becoming easier to find the discipline to practice as the years pass because I see the benefits and my motivation is simple and clear: I wish to get well so that I may benefit others. And I don’t wish to be ill anymore.

Mon 🙂

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“Svalbard” 10 x 15 cm, akryl på lerret


“Polarstjerna” 20 x 20 cm, akryl på lerret

*   *   *

Prøvd meg litt på å male vintermotiv i det siste. Syns snø er litt vanskelig å få til å se ekte ut, men det er vel bare å øve videre 🙂


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Lately, I have not had much routines in my life; sleep has been either poor or way too much. Like 14 hours at a time. Always waking up with a headache and needing a nap after a few hours awake. Procrastinating things and not eating often enough/not had much appetite. Hasn’t been a full-blown ‘dark night’ – at all – but still not functioning as well as I know I can.

I started doing hatha yoga in 2011, but the last few years I’ve been doing much more sitting meditation than asanas (poses), but been wanting to start again because I know how beneficial it is. So today I started 🙂 Did a few sun salutations (surya samaskara) and some simple stretching. Not too much at once. When I saw my own video I see how stiff I am and not much flow in my movements. This will improve, I know, if I keep it up. Which is my plan!

Four years ago, when I was bedridden, simple yoga movements was something that really helped. Just sitting up in bed moving my joints or doing yoga nidra on my headphones, getting the blood flowing and getting the body into deep relaxation has been a life saver when it comes to chronic fatigue and chronic pain.

Very happy to have finally started again! I know posting this will make me more motivated to write/film an update later on 🙂


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Blackwork friday

Har lenge tenkt på å gjøre en cover-up av den tatoveringen jeg har på høyre overarm som jeg dessverre ikke er så fornøyd med, og har bestemt meg for å bare gjøre halve armen helt svart. Har alltid elsket blackwork, syns det ser utrolig kult ut. I går satt jeg tre timer og fikk gjort ferdig et svart bånd nederst, resten blir nok å ta noen timer til 🙂 Regner med å bli helt ferdig i løpet av neste år en gang!


Nydelig novemberlys ute, forresten. Sola har takket for seg for i år her i nord, men av en eller annen grunn så liker jeg mørketida. Nordlys og stearinlys. Hvitt på bakken og nakne trær.

Håper alle har en fin mørketid og jul! ♡

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kkkkhkhkhkh – Kopi




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Bildene er tatt i Spåkenes.

*   *   *

Av og til
må noe vare lenge,
ellers mister vi vel vettet snart,
så fort som allting snurrer rundt med oss.
Store trær er fint
og riktig gamle hus er fint,
men enda bedre –

Som ikke flytter seg en tomme
om hele verden enn forandres
(og det må den snart),
så står de der
og står og står
så du har noe å legge pannen inntil,
og kjøle deg
og holde i noe fast.

Jeg trives med fjell.
De lager horisonter
med store hugg i,
som de var smidd av smeder.


Utdrag av Rolf Jacobsens dikt ‘Mere fjell’



Sail away

Ofte når jeg er ute, finner jeg steiner som bare må bli med meg hjem fordi jeg tenker de er perfekte til å male på. De trenger ikke være firkantet, eller være helt glatt, jeg liker at de er litt ru og skjev eller at de har en helt unik form. Og ofte er det lettere å finne ut hva man skal male om steinen har en spesiell form, slik som denne – syns en seilbåt var helt perfekt! Å male på steiner kan også være en fin måte å øve seg på; å bruke hundrevis av kroner på lerret kan jo bli dyrt i lengden 🙂 et lite tips på fredagskvelden 😉




(click to enlarge photos)


Er ikke så ofte jeg laster opp antrekksbilder, men idag var jeg nokså fornøyd med det jeg har greid å mikse og matche sammen 🙂 Skjørtet er fra Stoorstålka, hodeplaggene er fra Lappland og Borgund (pannebånd + sjal), toppen fant jeg på en bruktbutikk en gang i tiden og veska er fra Nepal. Jeg er veldig glad i alt som har med primærfarger å gjøre – blått, gult, rødt – og er naturlig nok litt inspirert av samisk kultur. Eneste jeg mangler er en varm strømpebukse slik at jeg faktisk kan bevege meg ut i vinterværet i skjørt 😀

Art, Landscape

En liten kyst i skogen

Har blitt helt forelska i å lage søte små maleri. De er så lett å jobbe med, da man kan holde lerretet i hånden hele tiden, og dessuten liker jeg veldig godt å bruke små pensler. Føler at fokuset på detaljer blir ekstra viktig 🙂

Dette maleriet er forøvrig til salgs – skal legge det inn på butikksiden!

Adventure, Landscape, Photography

Frozen river

Bildene er tatt i Dovre, på en fryst elv. Det var så mange fine mønster, ble helt betatt. Hadde uheldigvis ikke ordentlig kamera med med, kun mobilen, men de ble ikke så verst. Naturen slutter aldri å imponere meg 🙂



Kan ikke beskrive hvor herlig det er å fjerne alt håret – det er en slags befrielse ulikt noe annet 🙂 Når det er sagt, gleder jeg meg til å få litt lengde på det igjen slik at jeg kan ha lugg, slik jeg først hadde før jeg fjerna alt (se de to første bildene). Heldigvis vokser håret mitt nokså fort, og virker også veldig tykt og sunt, til tross for en ellers syk og slapp kropp. Det er jo noe! 😀

Landscape, Photography, Spirituality





Litt bilder fra Lyfjorden. Var der på meditasjonsretreat for andre året på rad. Utrolig heldig med været og vi var en veldig bra gruppe mennesker, både fra Norge, Finland og Irland:) Alltid like gøy å møte andre som praktiserer samme type yoga/meditasjon. Gleder meg allerede til neste års retreat!

Art, Landscape

Waves and clouds




I am currently working on a bigger piece (60 x 60 cm), but I needed a small break for it, so I decided to do some wave and cloud painting studies/practice. Turned out pretty okay, but I see many places where improvements can be made. Things don’t have to be perfect at first try, and the practice of different techniques is key. I did, however, really like the colors. Blue, pink and orange – and a bit of purple inside the peaks of the waves. I see many more wave paintings in the future, for sure! 🙂

Art, GIF



Har slitt veldig med motivasjonen i det siste når det kommer til maling og andre kreative aktiviteter. Vet ikke helt hva det kommer av, men jeg har lyst å komme tilbake til den kreative flyten jeg hadde for noen måneder siden. Så i dag har jeg satt av hele dagen til å bare høre på musikk og å teste ut forskjellige maleteknikker. Jeg merker hvor mye inspirasjon jeg får av musikk, så det er noe jeg absolutt skal utnytte bedre. Her er et album jeg snubla over på YouTube som jeg likte veldig godt:

Og så klart litt strupesang:


Vintage chinese dress


I have always, as long as I can remember, had a fascination for asian style art and clothing. When I was 12 I had two beautiful dresses like this, one in blue and one in red, which I unfortunately don’t fit anymore. Silk is of course not stretchy, so last week I treated myself to buy a new Chinese dress, and I found this black and red vintage dress on Etsy, and it was not expensive at all. Buying clothes online is always a gamble, but it fit perfectly and I love the length of the slits on each side. I don’t have a lot of occasions to wear dresses like this to, so I will probably just wear it as an everyday-dress, even though it looks a bit over the top for that. Oh, well. At least I feel good in it!

Art, Spirituality



This was a very fun project to do. I got an order to make a rainbow body/sambhogãkaya representation in the form of swirling rainbow light in primary colors (the five elements), with a simple black circle. It was a challenge to get the different colors in the same size and had to do most of it freehand, but it turned out super nice and whole image seems to have movement which was the goal. It took about 7-8 hours in total, and each color has 4 layers to not make it look streaky. The person who ordered it seemed very pleased with the result and seeing someone else appreciate my work is priceless. Thank you.


50 x 50, acrylic on stetched canvas. Simple yet powerful.

Art, Landscape, Poems


Se oftere mot nord.
Gå mot vinden, du får rødere kinn.
Finn den ulendte stien. Hold den.
Den er kortere.
Nord er best.
Vinterens flammevirvel,
sommernattens mirakel

Gå mot vinden, klyv berg.
Se mot nord.
Det er langt dette landet.
Det meste er nord

Diktet ‘Nord’ av Rolf Jacobsen




“Nordnorsk sommer”, akryl, 6 x 9 cm

Art, Photography, Poems



Lite dikt om nostalgi, barndom og savn. Bilde tatt i sommer 🙂

Landscape, Outfit, Photography

Nu e det sommer

Sommeren kom så plutselig på – over natta var det blitt grønt og opp mot 30 varmegrader. Det kan jeg like. Så da var det innafor å investere i et par uteblomster; to blodamaranter og en lavendellilla sak jeg ikke husker navnet på 😉 Sommeren i nord er kort, men herlig, og noe av det beste jeg vet er midnattsola. Er egentlig en ihuga tilhenger av å legge meg før midnatt, men det er vanskelig på sommeren, når det er så lyst og fint her. I går kveld var det ekstra fint; gul/lilla himmel og perfekt lys til å ta noen bilder 🙂


De var jammen meg kul i svart/hvitt også! Håper alle har en fin, kreativ og avslappende sommer ❤ Selv har jeg vært litt lite produktiv på den kreative fronten; jeg har noen maleriprosjekter på gang som jeg ikke har blitt ferdig med, men håper å komme i gang igjen til uka.


Everyday life

17. mai

[click photos to enlarge in slideshow]

I år på nasjonaldagen bestemte jeg meg for å invitere noen godtfolk til såkalt champagnefrokost, fordi det har jeg alltid hatt lyst til å dra på!
Hvordan dra på champagnefrokost uten å forlate huset for mye? Jo, ha det hjemme hos en selv 😀 Pluss at jeg har en utrolig fin kjole fra 60-tallet jeg reparerte som jeg hadde lyst å bruke…heh. God unnskyldning. Det ble mer enn nok mat, og en god del (hjemmelaget) sangria. Også fikk jeg smakt pavlova for første gang, det var helt himmelsk godt og levde absolutt opp til mine forventninger. Det ble til og med litt igjen etter gjestene dro, og leftover kake er jo noe av det beste som fins. Så det ble kake til kvelds. Helt innafor. Nå er jeg ganske utkjørt til tross for en powernap i ettermiddag, så det blir tidlig kveld på meg. Håper alle har hatt en flott 17. maifeiring ❤ Tusen takk for i dag, dere som tok dere tid å komme å feire med meg. Legger meg veldig takknemlig.

Everyday life, Landscape, Photography



Idag tok jeg meg en liten tur ut for å få litt friskluft og for å meditere i fjæra, samt ta litt bilder. Ikke den mest fantastiske kvaliteten på bildene, da jeg måtte bruke mobilkameraet framfor speilreflekskameraet fordi jeg glemte minnekortet hjemme, og den korte turen opp fra fjæra for å hente det virka som et stort tiltak der og da. Vel, de ble jo litt brukbar! 😀

Ellers har dagen blitt brukt til å se videre på Game of Thrones, som jeg startet på på nytt for noen dager siden. Fant ut at jeg skal se alle sesongene en gang til før den syvende kommer i begynnelsen av juli. Må si at jeg ikke husker halvparten av det som skjer i serien, må har vært veldig lite tilstede første gang jeg så det. Eller så er det bare den “gode” gamle hjernetåka/ME-hodet som gjør det hele litt vanskelig å følge med på.




Once again I decided to install synthetic dreads in my hair. Very pleased with the result – I had my friend Debbie over at my place to help me install them (thank you!). I ordered them from ErindasDreads, and I must say these dreads look very real compared to the two other times I have had synthetic dreads. They are very well made – with both braids and beads, and I am excited to see how well they handle being worn and used. I love the length and she got the colors just right. Sorry about the crappy Snapchat photos, I just really felt like sharing the result! 😉

Art, Landscape




Newsest acrylic painting, inspired by the colorful Moomins! 🙂 40 x 50 cm on canvas

Pets, Photography

Birthday girl

My sweet, sweet, weird cat Kali turns 4 years this May. A bit unsure of the exact date, as she was found in a box in a ditch with her two siblings in Bodø. They have also found good forever homes, and I am so grateful that Kali is still with me, as I have lost two other cats while having her (car accident and illness). She has the funniest personality, and acts more like a dog than a cat at times. Her company is priceless, especially since I am home quite a lot. She always reacts to her name and makes the cutest sounds if you talk to her. She loves to sleep on my chest, and sit on the chair across to me at breakfast. Her eyes cross a little which makes her too cute to be angry with her when she does shenanigans – which is quite often. Happy birthday, little weirdo! ❤


Via Natural

Tried a new brand of blue hair dye, and I am very pleased so far. It’s called Via Natural and contains no alcohol, ammonia or peroxide, plus it smells really good. The color seems more vibrant than the others I have tried, and I am excited to see how long it lasts before it starts to fade into purple – like it has the other times. The color itself was very liquid, so I mixed it with a conditioner to make it easier to apply to my hair. It is also supposed to be applied to towel wet hair, which I did not see before after I already had the dye in, but it seems to have done the trick anyway! You can check out more colors from Via Natural here.

And of course the eyebrows and eyeliner has to match 😉


Have a good weekend! 🙂

Adventure, Everyday life, Photography

Min påske

I år hadde jeg en helt super påske! Har ikke vært på hytte-påsketur på masse, masse år, men nå hadde jeg overskudd nok til å bli med på en aldri så liten ekspedisjon til Målselv og Faksfjorden sammen med en gjeng raringer 😉 Badstu, scooter, brettspill og veldig mye god mat. Kanskje en god del vin. Ikke noe skigåing på meg, men var koselig med litt alenetid også i helt fantastiske omgivelser. Tusen takk ❤

Art, Landscape



Had a little break from painting in the Easter, but today I felt like making something again. Have not bought any new canvases, the only ones I have are these tiny cute ones, and they are very fun to work with because you can hold them in your hand.

The weather here is absolutely amazing these days; clear blue sky all the time and very much snow in the mountains. So this was inspired by that 🙂

Art, Landscape

Ask the mountains

IMG_9332 – Kopi
Snowy Norwegian mountains.. Every time I take the bus, I drive pass these mountains, and they look very majestic, so I had to paint them ❤ Still about one thousand more mountains I want to paint, hehe, but all in good time.

20 x 40 cm, acrylic paint

Beauty, Everyday life, Outfit, Pets

Blå, lilla & grønn

Etterhvert som jeg har vaska håret, ser det ut til å bli mer og mer lilla enn blått (som det opprinnelig var), noe som egentlig ikke gjør noe, da jeg også er nokså glad i lilla. Har fremdeles ganske mye hårfarge igjen og tenker å freshe det opp så snart jeg får dreadsene mine i posten (har bestilt sånne håndlagde syntetiske dreads – igjen)!

Idag var jeg i en tur i byen for å handle litt og kom over en veldig fin mørk blå kajal med glitter samt en blå øyenskygge. Vanligvis kjøper jeg kun sminke på salg, fordi jeg syns alt er overprisa, og idag var intet unntak. Kajalen kosta 10,- og øyeskyggen 20,- – på salg på H&M 🙂 Så da jeg kom hjem måtte jeg prøve de sammen med en lilla matte lipgloss jeg fikk i bursdagsgave. Syns det ble en fin look så tok ‘noen’ bilder. Mini photoshoot med Kali💙💚💜

Art, Shop

Skarven // Cormorant


6 x 9 cm, acrylic on canvas. For sale in my shop – link in menu bar 🙂

Pets, Photography


Nils, eller Nikodemus som han het da jeg adopterte han, er en ca 5 år gammel storøyd mons fra Dyrebeskyttelsen. Han kom til meg som en veldig skeptisk liten kar, men har etter lang tid blitt godt vandt med både meg og min andre katt, Kali. Han hilser til og med noen ganger på gjester. Selv om han fortsatt er litt skeptisk, er forandringen ganske stor fra da han kom til nå, og det er herlig å se at han trives hos oss. Her er noen bilder av klumpen:

Nils sin hverdag består av å ligge på gulvet, spise, se ut av vinduet, gå ut en tur, sove, leke med Kali og ligge mer på gulvet å rulle.


Dette er Nils sitt slipp-meg-ut-tryne, akkompagnert med klagende mjauing helt til jeg åpner vinduet.
Aah, endelig ute…Ingenting å gjøre der, går inn igjen 😉

Hvis du ønsker å adoptere en katt som trenger et nytt hjem i Troms-området, kan du sjekke ut hvilke katter som er til omplassering her: 

Adventure, Landscape, Photography

Lyngsalpan/Lyngen alps


Lyngsalpene sett fra Kåfjorden. Litt av en utsikt! 🙂 Hadde dessverre ikke med meg speilreflekskamera denne gangen, men fikk et par OK mobilbilder. Været var nydelig og stille, men plutselig slo det om til å bli full storm. Nord-Norge i et nøtteskall! 🙂